Disability Training Resources

One of the irritations of my life is the paucity of good quality training resources for use when training the certificate and diploma courses in disability. Sure there are a few organisations that have been producing resources for sometime, but by and large they fall short of what students really want and, whilst I might be accused of being pedantic I don’t like them at all. As far as text goes, there is one known resource that RTO’s etc tend to use at C4 level, which is ok, but could be better. At Dip and above, well it gets a little thin. Karen Nankervis’s book is ideal for parts, but you still end up having to source more material. I don’t really have much issue with this.

Solution: I’ve decided to finally get my head around ebooks and iTunes U and create my own custom resources for both accredited and PD programs. I’m using my Easter break to start the process of creating courses for CHCDIS301C and CHCDIS509E in iTunes U and write the supporting text in iBooks. Initially it takes a bit to get your head around the quirky nature of the programs, but I think I’ve got a handle on it. I’m also working on two of my PD programs (disability employment orientation) and as you can see, the CHC books are employment orientated too.

I hope to create rich sources of material that will enable anyone to participate in these courses. iTunes U courses are free, but iBooks cost a few dollars and have the advantage of me being able to update and refresh them quickly as needed. Over the next twelve months I hope to publish the entire C4 in Disability resources and courses, along with more PD and additional Dip level resources.

The other good thing about these programs is that I’ll be available by email to assist anyone undertaking the courses. I’m hopeful that they’ll extend into RTO land.

About Peter Smith

Disability practitioner at Praxis Disability Consulting, PhD researcher - Sydney Medical School, Research affiliate - Centre for Disability Studies, Sydney. Lecturer in Counselling and Case Management - ACAP. Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Praxis Counselling and Therapy. Interests: Disability employment, person centred practice, self determination theory, existential therapy, personal counselling
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  1. B. Aaron says:

    I am disabled and I am a big fan of the Out and About App (http://outandaboutapp.com.au/) It has helped me to find ways to access my community better and plan a great day out.

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