Staff Training and Development

One of the joys of modern technology is the capacity to reduce the tyranny of distance and allow anyone anywhere to access training. I’m introducing remote training as part of my programs to reduce per head costs and improve staff access to high quality training no matter where you are. Shortly I’ll announce the programs and the structures that will allow you to access training either live or at a time convenient to you. This method allows training to be broken into bite size chunks that can be consumed over lunch, at home and at your leisure. Stay tuned!

About Peter Smith

Disability practitioner at Praxis Disability Consulting, PhD researcher - Sydney Medical School, Research affiliate - Centre for Disability Studies, Sydney. Lecturer in Counselling and Case Management - ACAP. Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Praxis Counselling and Therapy. Interests: Disability employment, person centred practice, self determination theory, existential therapy, personal counselling
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2 Responses to Staff Training and Development

  1. I would be interested in this information. Always looking to up-skill where needed. Anne

    • Peter Smith says:

      I’m looking at offering Cert IV in Disability and Employment Services online by webinar and online meeting, along with moving many of my PD programs into the same realm. All of these online vocational training programs will be supported by a one day workshop in each capital city at the conclusion of the course as a compulsory part of the learning and validation by trainers of competency.

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