Start with the Little Things.

Often we look at how we can assist clients in our work and we often go straight to the big picture items. At our recent disability advisory council meeting we where looking at one of the local neighbourhood plans and whilst it would be easy to talk about housing and buildings, it was really the little things that mattered most. Things like setback for the button on pedestrian lights so you don’t end up close to the traffic or the placing of vegetation so as not to impede the progress of vision impaired people.

It got me thinking about DES and how we often see a client for the first time and produce an EPP without really getting to know the client. What about fully using the Discovery process first and doing some real work on goal setting before we bang out an EPP? WE can always change an EPP, but we can’t go back if we start off with the wrong assumptions and screw up the relationship from day one.

Our jobs are a mixture of reality and counselling, so relationships matter from day one. Why not start by focusing on the little thing and build a great future for our clients!


About Peter Smith

Disability practitioner at Praxis Disability Consulting, PhD researcher - Sydney Medical School, Research affiliate - Centre for Disability Studies, Sydney. Lecturer in Counselling and Case Management - ACAP. Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Praxis Counselling and Therapy. Interests: Disability employment, person centred practice, self determination theory, existential therapy, personal counselling
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